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Nguyễn Lương Tuyền

Open letter to Vietnamese Youth
with regard to:

A century under the brutal yoke of Vietnamese Communists:
- A century of deliberate killings and oppression.
- A century of continuous sufferings of Vietnamese People under an unthinkable, cruel dictatorship and unfortunately on going dictatorship.

Nguyễn Lương Tuyền MD, FRCSc
(McGill University, Montreal, Canada)

Dear friends.

ViệtNam, our beloved country, has been probably the most miserable in the human community. That unhappiness, up to now, has lasted for a century since the first days of 1920. From those days Hồ Chí Minh and his comrades from the Indochina Communist Party, set foot in Việt Nam on the order of The International Communist. Up to today, the prospect of getting out of this cruel and crazy dictatorship is still far, far away. As the matter of fact, ViệtNameses people have not had a single peaceful day ever since. The light of freedom is still not glimmering at the end of the tunnel.

Under the rule of Communist Party of Hồ and his Communists Comrades, the VietNamese people has been through deadly tragedies after tragedies.

For the VietNameses, the Invasion of the South, being advocated by ViệtNameses Communists from the North, was the un-forgettable thousand and thousand tragedies. The tragedy, being visited upon the family of NGUYEN Tu Huan, Rear Admiral of US Navy, USA was a typical example:

During the Tet Offensive fighting between Communists and South VietNam Army in 1968, Communists Commandos arrested Lieutenant Colonel Nguyễn Tuấn’s ( a retired officer from the South Army) entire family , including Colonel Tuấn himself, his wife, his 80 years old mother and his 6 young children. They shot and kill immediately the whole family, at close range the whole family, right after Colonel Tuấn has refused to execute their order. What kind of instinct pushed to the cruel Communists kill the entire family, one wonder? Miraculously, a 9 years old boy survived the savage killing by taking refuge in the family toilette. In 1975, this boy, now a sixteen years old young man, was evacuated to the USA .This boy became none other than General Nguyen Tu Huan of The US Navy. One could believe that if Huấn had remained in Việt Nam after 30/4/1975, Viêtnamese Communists would continue to persecute him as they did on countless former South Vietnamese Servants and Officers after the whole South of Việt Nam fell into their hands on 30/4/1975.

THEN: The family of Lieutenant Colonel Nguyễn Tuấn before the tragedy.
In this picture, Nguyễn Từ Huấn stood in front row, right in the middle (from the Internet)

NOW : In a ceremony in Washington DC, USA on 10/10/2020, Nguyễn Từ Huấn
got promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral.
On his left, was Vice Admiral Thomas J. Moore of US Navy (from the Internet).

From 1886 up to 1954, ViệtNam was a colony of France. By then, Colonialism is often used to refer to a historical period from the 13th century to the 20th century when a number of wealthy and powerful countries occupied to exploit other countries. In the case of our country, right from the moment they arrived into VietNam, French Forces met with fierce resistance from the ViệtNamese People who wanted only the Independence and integrity of their homeland.

In the early 20’s, Hồ Chí Minh was given by International Communists, the order to return to Việt Nam from Russia with a mission : spreading the Communist Doctrine throughout the Indo-China Peninsula in which ViệtNam is one part . After several years of preparation, in 1930,Hồ Chí Minh and his comrades of Communist Party of Việt Nam officially appeared in the political arena in ViệNam. The resistance against the French Occupation entered a turning point with the appearance of the Communiste Party of Hồ Chí Minh and his comrades. During WW2, French Military Forces were forced to withdraw from VietNam but right after the 2nd WW ended, French Forces went back again into Indo-China Peninsula with the help of British Army, to occupy the whole ViêtNam, Laos and Cambodia. The war between VietNam and French broke out. At the beginning, the Resistance could not match the French fire power, therefore, Vietnamese forces led by Hố Chi Minh have to leave the cities, including Hanoi, the Capital, conserving their forces, according to the scorched- earth resistance war strategy. Hồ declared Nationalwide General Resistance on 1946/12/19.

The first IndoChina War (1946-1954)

When the war broke out, VietNamese forces, including the Communists forces, have to stay mainly in their security zones in the country side or even in the jungle and use mainly the guerrilla tactic to harass the enemies keeping them on their constant defense while Hồ and his comrades have concentrated of building and strengthening their forces in preparation for a long war.

In 1949, Mao Tsé Tung and his comrades in the China Communist Party won the war against The Nationalist Party of China led by Chiang Kai – Shek. The Red Army, consequently, reached the Sino-VietNamien border. It was, therefore, a very important turning point into the war in VietNam. In 1950, under the command of China Military Advisers, the Viets have defeated French Army whose responsibility was to protect the whole area closed to the border of Viet Nam and China. French Army suffered heavy casualties and had to retreat from their posts at the border of the two countries, allowing aids from Communist Bloc and letting Military Personnel and weapons to pour freely into Việt Nam. In fact, for a longtime before, China Advisers (military and Civil officers ) have already arrived into Viet Nam , helping `the Resistance to conduct the war against French Army. However, the Resistance was mainly led by Communist Forces of Hồ Chí Minh and his comrades; Nationalist Parties were let out of the resistant war against French Occupation. In the areas controlled by the Communists, the Communist Doctrine began to be applied by forces such as:

- Land reform (Cải cách ruộng đất) which kept going until 1956 in North ViệtNam. At this moment, North of ViệNam belonged to the Communist of Hồ Chí Minh and his Comrades of the Communist Party.. The exact number of victims of the land reform was unknown. The Communist Party of VietNam was talking about nearly 200,000 people who have lost their lives but according to Bùi Tín, a high ranking officer of the Vietnamese Communist Army, the number of deaths would be over one million.

- Army reform (rèn cán chỉnh quân) in order to expel from the People’s Army all military people did not belonged who did not belonged to the proletariat class.

- Massacre of all members of non-communist parties. It was a most brutal massacre because Hồ and his comrades believed firmly on their principle : ‘’ the end result justifies the means, better to kill by mistake than to wrongly forgive an enemy ( cứu cánh biện minh cho phương tiện, thà giết lầm chứ không tha lầm ‘’ , therefore , Hồ and his Communist Party would be the only Party on the scene capable to deal with French Forces and French Politics.

- Communists Commandos and Communist death squad terrorized the country sides, brutally killing all the administrative officials created by Nationnal Non-Communist Government and all individuals they considerated as a threat against the ‘’Communists revolution ‘’. They took as their hostages, the whole population of the North of ViệtNam. The fate of the people in their hands, in what they called : ‘’ the liberated zones ‘’ like fish lying on the chopping board.

- Destruction of Việt Nam culture in all its aspects (culture, languages, tradition of family life and of human relationship in a peaceful society….


In short, we have only mention a tiny part of the massacre of Vietnameses citizens committed by Hồ and his comrades of the VietNamese Communist Party.

In 1954, French Forces were defeated in the battle of Điện Biên Phủ, a strategic location in the North of Việt Nam, in order to prevent Communists from overflowing Laos. It was located in the North West of Ha Nội, near the border between Laos and Việt Nam. Điện Biên Phủ was a large French entrenched camp defended by more than 10, 000 soldiers of French Army.

A map showing the local of Điện Biên Phủ districk (from the Internet)

The camp was besieged and attacked from 13/3/1954 and completely surrendered on May/1954. Consequently, thousand of French Military Fighters were taken prisoners.

This Communists victory at the great battle of Địện Biên Phủ extinguished the French influence in Indochina after nearly one century of French colonialism. French Army was prepared to leave The Indo-China Peninsula for good.

After the Communist victory at Điện Biên Phủ, Communist Forces moved forward and put pressure on Hà Nội, capital of the North of Việt Nam.

The Genève Convention was opened on May/1954 in Geneva ( Switzerland ). An agreement was signed on 20/7/1954 to end all hostilities and a ceasefire was established in all Indo China Peninsula. The Geneva Convention decided to divide the Việt Nam as followed: from the 17th parallel up to the border between Việt Nam and China would be given to Hồ Chí Minh and his followers. From the 17th parallel going down to the Point of Cà Mâu on the end limit of the South would be reserved to non-Communists parties and to the Nationalist Government. Following this decision, nearly one million of ViệtNamese peoples refused to live under a Communist Dictatorship, have left the North to go to settle in the South of the country. They were the main forces against Communist invasion in few years later.

The war from 1946 to 1954 was called The 1st Indochina War. This 8 years of war have left behind: countless deaths, unbelivable destructions , devastations and numerous ugly scars on VietNamese Society.

We still in ignorance about the human casualties in Việt Nam side because Hồ and his comrades would never publish their real numbers of casualties including civilians. In the other hand, French has revealed their human casualties in this war as followed:

- French men : 20, 685
- Legionnaires : 11,620
- North Africans : 15,229
- West Africans : 7,540
- From Indochina: 26,686.

In term of finance aspect of this war, France has spent 2,7 billions of US dollars.

The second Indo-China War (1959-1975)

In accordance with the Geneva Agreement signed on July 20, 1954, a general election for unifying the country was to be organized 2 years after the division, and also under the Geneva Agreement, VietNamese Communists have to be relocated in the North of 17th parallel but a good number of Vietnamese Communists had received order to remaine hiding in the South of the 17th parallel under the command of Lê Duẩn, a very influential member of the Polit Bureau of The Vietnamese Communist Party. In the South, under the leadership of President Ngô Dinh Diệm , enormous progresses in all aspects of a modern society were realized. The national security agency of the South Government had successfully eliminated most of the destructive communist elements who received the order of Hà Nội to remain in the South. In a report send to Polit Bureau In Hà Nội, named:’’ Outlook at the Revolution in the South of Viet Nam (Đề cương Cách mệnh tại Miền Nam ) ‘’, Lê Duẩn insisted on the military uprising as a primordial necessity for a revolution in the South. After Lê Duẩn‘s report, the invasion of the South began. In reality, the invasion of the South of Việt Nam was planned longtime in advance, right after The Geneva Agreement was signed on 20/7/1954.

On 1/1959, the invasion of The South of VN was decided according to Resolution 15 of Vietnamese Communist Party. The National Front for the Liberation of South of Viet Nam was officially born in the jungle of Tây Ninh Province on 20/12/ 1960. Following this ‘’fatwa’’ decision, the peaceful life of the South of Viet Nam would no longer exist. The people of The Republic of Viet Nam was facing a devastating war caused by Vietnamese Communists under the orders of International Communists commonly called Third international Communist.

The Communists, hiding in the South, received orders of their superiors from Hà Nội to dig up their weapons to wage wars to destroy all the structures of South Society. They called it : LIBERATION WAR against the ‘’pupet Government of the South and its allies. They killed village officials, destroyed bridges and roads….to create a completely unsafe situation which has a negative repercussion on the life of the people and particularly on the economy of the country.

On the other hand, regular Communist Army Units began to go South via the ‘’famous Hồ Chí Minh Trail ‘’ along side of the Trường Sơn mountain and along the Sea,via the Coast of Pacific Ocean .

From 1963 until the year 1975, war has intensified with more and more destruction and death. Division - level or large battles were increasingly frequent.

In international political scene, the cold war between the free world and the Communist Block was at its peak . Nevertheless, clashes s have been observed within the Communist Block, between China and Russia. This would have let to a change in the strategy regarding the cold war. In the year of 1972 , to everyone’s surprise , Richard Nixon, President of the United States , traveled to Pekin to met with China Chairman Mao. This meeting had changed the world and had changed profoundly our South of Việt Nam. Taiwan had to leave Security Council of United Nations to let the place for Communist China. Taiwan became an ‘’ orphan’’ on the world scene. The dispute between China and Russia became irreparable. In the other hand, The USA, face an imminent total destruction of Communist Block, wanted to re-examine the need to protect Việt Nam. Besides, the war in Việt Nam has been very costly in term of money and human life and was the principal cause of anti-war protests in USA against the war, demanding the total withdrawal of US troopes from Việt Nam.

The USA and its allies succeeded to drag Vietnamese Communist to the negotiation table . The Vietnamese Communist Party had no choice but to ‘’sit’’ at the conference table in Paris for a peace negotiation on 1973 . A peace accord was signed on 21-1-1973. The US succeeded to bring US troopes back to the USA. The American Government, contrary to its promises , US aids to the Republic of Việt Nam had been gradually reduced. In the other hand, the Communists Forces were preparing for their final assault.

Lacking the sophisticated means to fight against an enemy backed by the whole Communist Block, the Republic of Viet Nam was overrun and the whole South of Việt Nam was totally occupied by the VietNamese Communists on 30/4/1975: a page of history of our beloved country has turned over

Casualties of the war 1959 to 1975

- According to The VN Conflict Extract Data File of the Defense Casualty Analysis System, exact number of American deaths was 58,220 (from 1959 to 30/4/1975). Wounded services men were about 1 000,000.

- We do not have a reliable information on the casualties in term of deaths in both sides North and South. According to reliable sources of information, the casualties in both sides could reach 4 to 6 millions of persons killed. Wounded soldiers including wounded civilians could go up to equal number.

Despite all dangers of the escape, people have preferred to risk their lives rather to live under the rule of the Communist terror in which the life is completely unlivable. People had continued to leave the country even until recently.

They used all means to flee the country : using all kind of boats in order to go into the Pacific Ocean in order to reach one ot the surrounding small countries or hoping to be saved by The 7th American Fleet. Up to one million people went missing on the Ocean.

- Today around 3 to 4 millions of Vietnameses have been living in more than 160 democratic countries in the free world. They are thriving and became prosperous. Nevertheless they miss a lot their homeland in Việt Nam. In their mind, the love of their homeland will never be fading away.

The thieving and corruptionare going on more than ever right after The South of Việt Nam fell to their hands on the year of 1975.

VietNamese Communists continue a policy of repression with an iron hand to the whole Southern Society. This ruling strategy continues until today. The following are some examples of VietNamese Communists repression and robbery policy toward the Southern People:

- The invasion of the South Of The Republic of Viet Nam was in reality, a genocide perpetrated on the People of The South of Viet Nam : Communists soldiers and Communists agents have committed unimaginable, beyond any description , their crimes everywhere on the people. Their mass killings in a bluff with an animal instinct – the killing field - have caused the death of thousand and thousand innocent peoples such as the massacre of Huế City in 1968, the massacre of Quảng Trị Province in Summer 1972 or the Summer of ‘’Blood and Fire ‘’ in which a segment of Hightway No 1, neat Quảng Trị was strewn of corps of innocent people…

- Orphans due to the war could reach the number of one million.

- The Việt Nameses Communist Army and cadres acted like a bunch of bandits facing the prosperity of the South of VietNam.

- Right upon their arrival in the Sought of the country, they emptied all military hospitals, expelled without exception all the wounded and sick soldiers regardless of their conditions.

- Repeat money exchanges, asset inventory, repeat trade inventory campaigns ….ViệtNamese Communists deprived the people until their last penny, their last gold tael.

- Right after their occupation of the whole South of Việt Nam, Vietnamese Communists have established hundreds of prison scattering around remotes places in the country, mainly in the jungles. Vietnamese Communists called those places: Reeducation camps , but in reality those camps are none other than forced labor prisons They send into those prisons more than 1 million former military and civil servants of the Republic of Việt Nam. More than 170.000 prisoners perished in captivity. More than 1 million families have became broken families and an equal number of orphans of those the father was or both parents were victims of the war.

- The mothers who became widower because of the war are direct victims . They are direct victims of the Communist Monsters. They were constantly harassed and persecuted, their proprieties were confiscated or chased away to the places they called NEW ECONOMIC ZONE without any resources to survive.

- ……………………………………………

- ……………………………………………

- Vietnamese Communists continue to destroy our culture as they already did on the Nord of Việt Nam for the benefit of Chinese culture. Our language will be eradicated and replaced by an another language such as the following illustration:

Modified Vietnamese language (from Internet)

- Việt Nam today as a part of China: the country Viet Nam would disappear on the Earth and will become a part of China like Tibet, Xinjiang…..

Dear friends.

Việt Nam, our beloved country, has been the victim of The Communist Monster since almost a century. In the last decade of the last century, Communists around the world such as Russia, in Eastern Europe, in Germany….have been disintegrated but unfortunately, the Vietnamese Communist Party is still cling on to the power despite the aspiration of all Vietnamese People around the world.

Furthermore, the Communist Party of Việt Nam has been depended on China for their survival. They destroyed all tradition of the country including its millennium culture. Việt Nam has been in the orbit of China and ready to become one province of the Great China.

Viet Namese people should never stay indifferent facing the disappearance of our country. Three or five millions of Vietnameses of oversea including our youths have became the principal force of opposition. We will never accept this fate that the Communists have reserved for our people. We are the only force capable to protect our race, our culture of thousands years . VietNamese Communists have tried to eliminate our will, our determination to survive despite the Great Flooding Communist ( Le Grand Déluge, Cơn Đại Hồng Thủy ). The Poltburo in Hà Nội has been trying to control all VietNameses living in free and democratic countries. Communists agents are trying to control all Medias , all cultural facilities, all religious Churchs of oversea Vietnameses. The Resolution 36 with regard to ViệtNameses oversea has been established in the year of 2004 in order to control all Vietnamese activities around the world.

Việt Nam, in its great history, our ancestral have overcame numerous temptation to annex our country. In this fight against Communistes for survival, our youth today or of the future are our hope . We are counting on our youths.

The only hope of overseas ViệtNameses is that we will fight with all our energy in order to preserve our culture, our race facing the disappearance of the country on the world map . Vietnamese Youth living abroad or as well as at home, we trust on you as the main forces fighting for our homeland, for our race and for our culture.

Nguyễn Lương Tuyền MD, FRCSc
(McGill University, Montreal, Canada)

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