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Nguyễn Lương Tuyền MD, CSPQ, FRCSc
McGill University , Montreal, CANADA.

Bác sĩ Nguyễn Lương Tuyền là giáo sư về khoa Giải phẫu Tiểu Nhi tại đại học McGill, Montreal, Canada. Tuy là môt chuyên gia bận rộn, nhưng ông là một trong số những ít bác sĩ quan tâm và viết đến những vấn đề đất nước.


Nguyễn Lương Tuyền MD, CSPQ, FRCSc
McGill University , Montreal, CANADA

.Dear friends,

The purpose of this open letter is to bring to your attention the actual painful reality of our beloved country. We are on the beginning of the year of 2020. This moment would be the beginning of the process to merger Viet Nam into The Great China according to the agreement signed at Thành Đô on 1990, between the leaders of the two Communist Parties of China and of Việt Nam . Our country has been on the edge of hell of being disappeared on the planet: Viet Namese population would be ceased to exist, becoming one ethnic of China and its millennium culture would be forgotten . According to Communisme, the World should be an Universal World ( Thế giới đại đồng ) without border between countries as Nguyễn Văn Linh, former Head of the Vietnamese Communist Party from 1991 to 1997, once declared : It is better to lose the country than to lose the Party.

1. Looking back at some painful events in recent Việt Nam history.

On 17 February, 1979, suddenly, without warning, 1/2 million of Chinese soldiers heavily armed with tanks and extremely powerful artilleries , crossed 1281km of the border which separate VN and China, to invade our country in order ‘’to teach Việt Nam a lesson (?) ‘’. The order given to Chinese troupes by their superiors in Pekin was : ‘’ kill all , destroy all, destroy everything ‘’. The Chinese Army was commanded by two generals: Dương Dắc Chí and Hứa Thế Hữu ( Hữu was belong to 7th generation of Hứa Thế Hanh . Hanh , a general of Tô Sĩ Nghị of Thanh Dynasty in Chuna, was executed by bedeading by Emperor Quang Trung , the King of Việt Nam, at the Batle of Đống Đa Hill in 1789, his head was displayed). Six (6) border provinces were totally destroyed, all living beings including domestic animals, were brutally, wildly and savagely killed, beyond imagination, by Chinese invaders . This is typically a form of genocide committed by China against innocent Vietnamese people.

Both sides, Việt Nam and China, never announced their casualties during this war which lasted for about one month. Nevertheless, public opinions all concluded it was a fiasco with regard to Chinese People’s Liberation Army ( CPLA ).

China invasion: North of Viet Nam by crossing the border of two countries in 1979.
Chinese soldiers have destroyed 6 border provinces of VN (source Internet)

The author of this letter was born in 1945, just few months before ‘’ the August Revolution ( as it was called with pride by Vietnamese Communists . In reality, Ho Chi Minh and his comrades have ‘’robbed’’ the power of the legal Vietnamese Government led by the Scholar Tran Trong Kim in the same year ). So I was born and have growth up entirely during the wars. The Communist Party, led by Ho Chi Minh, has succeeded in taking over the political panorama of Viet Nam as they declared their Communist Party was the only Party capable of bringing back the Independence for our country from the French Occupation since nearly over a haft of a century .

Ho Chi Minh and his Comrades in Communist Party of Viet Nam have seized half of the country in 1954 and the whole country on 30/4/1975 after a long and bloody invasion in order to impose by force, by terror, by deliberate killing, the Communist Doctrine on the whole country. As the matter of fact, Viet Nam was the first step in the plan of International Communisme to invade and to spread the Doctrine Communist into the whole South East Asia Area.

2. Ho Chi Minh and his Vietnamese Communist Party: their Crimes of Genocides against their fellows countrymen.

Before talking about the crimes of Ho Chi Minh and his comrades in-arms against Vietnamese people, we are asking ourself what is a crime of genocide ?

The term GENOCIDE was coined in 1943 by the Polish Jewish Lawyer Raphael Lemkin who combined the Greek word ‘’ genos’’ (race or tribe) with the Latin word ‘’ cide’’ (to kill). In December 1948, the term of GENOCIDE was adopted by United Nation (UN) which came into effect in January 1951. The word genocide was well defined as ‘’any of the following acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group.

Ho Chi Minh and his Comrades of the Communist Party of Vietnam have led the most devastating wars, wars of blood and tears into our country, from 1945 to 1975 in order to impose by force the Communist Doctrine over the whole Viet Nam :

- In 1930, Ho Chi Minh and his Vietnamese Communist Party officially entered the political panorama of Viet Nam. It was the beginning of The Great Flooding ( Cơn Đại Hồng Thủy ) happened to the Vietnamese people and which is still going on. In summary, the tragedy of Vietnamese people is still going on until now .

- During 30 years of an useless , absolutely unnecessary and costly war, 3 tọ 5 millions of people have lost their lives. The regime of Hà Nội has been hiding the exact number of casualties in term of human beings. So we will never get to know the exact number of human destructions. In the other hand, to add to this number of deaths, we should be taking in account a equal number of families destroyed and of orphans whom father or mother were killed in the conflict.

- Ho Chi Minh and his comrades in The Communist Party have eliminated all other non communist , political parties. Their members got to kill systematically all members of other Nationalist Parties so Ho and his comrades would monopolize the spreading of Communist Doctrine over Viet Nam , first step on their way to spreading Communist System to South- East- Asia following the order of International Communisme.

- The whole Viet Nam has became an immense cemetery in which thousand and thousand death Vietnamese Youths and others would be sketchy buried.

We will discuss in detail the crime of genocide committed by Ho Chi Minh and his comrades against Vietnamese people from then until right now.

Ho Chi Minh was an agent of International Communisme. He entered into Viet Nam from Moskova ( Russia ) in the years 1920’s. His mission was to spread the Doctrine Communist among the Vietnamese people and then among the people of all the surrounding countries of South-East-Asia such as Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Laos, Campuchia….He was responsible for the death of millions of peoples. His bloody hands was taking part directly or indirectly on the genocides in Viet Nam.

Ho Chi Minh: a blood thirsty dictator, a cold blood mass murder of millions of his countrymen in Viet Nam.

The Polish News Paper THE POLASKA TIMES, in its issue on 15/3/2011, has established a list of 13 most blood thirsty dictators, who were responsible of the death of millions people around the world on the 20 century. In this ‘’select ‘’ group, among some ‘’great and famous killers ‘’ such as Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse Tung…. there was Ho Chi Minh , the most’’ venerable (?)‘’hero (?)’’ of Vietnamese Bolcheviks.

Communist Terrors from 1954 to 1975 in North of Vietnam.

The war to liberate our country from the French colonization was a very patriotic war of all Vietnamese people but Ho and his Comrades declared they were the ones who have defeated the French Army . This war has lasted from 1945 to 1954. In this war, French Army was defeated in the Great Battle named Battle of Điên Biên Phu, a place located in the Far Western of North Viet Nam. In the struggle of Vietnamese people against French Occupation, Ho Chi Minh and his comrades , backed by International Communist, especially the China, have taken all control.

In 1949, Chinese Communist Party led by Mao Tsé Tung has successfully controlled the whole China after having defeated Chiang Kei Sheik and his Army. China Communist Army has reached the border of the two countries. So, China has became a huge rear for the troupes of Ho Chi Minh and his comrades. After the defeat in Fall-Winter Campaign in 1947 ( Chiến dịch Thu Đông 1947), French Army has retreated from the border region. Consequently, Ho Chi Minh and his Communist Army have controlled a very large safe zone. With advises from Chinese Advisers, Ho Chi Minh and his comrades have applied Communist regime on the population under their control . Geneva Convention signed on 20/7/1954 has gave up half of the country to Communist Party of VietNam, from the 17 th parallel to the border with China. Upon their occupation of the half of the country, Ho Chi Minh and his Communist Party have taken a tight control over the whole population on whom , a tight dictatorship of the proletariat was applied on the people under their control. Somme campaign, starting on the year 1949-1950 continued such as:

. Land Reform (Cải Cách Ruộng Đất).

The cruel, deadly land reform was continued to be carried out exactly like the land reform in China. Ho Chi Minh and his comrades , with advises from Chinese Advisers from The Communist Party of Mao Tsé Tung, kept going on this part of the country under their control . Up until this

time , The Communist Party of Viet Nam were still in its name: The Labor Party of Vietnam ( LP V ). Originally, the real name of LPV was Indochina Communist Party which was founded on 17/6/1929. The year after 1930, facing the boycott of the word Communisme, and in order to keep the Party alive, Ho Chi Minh and his Comrades have to change the name of their Party and in the same time, Ho has declared The Indochina Communist Party was no longer existed, being replaced by a Society by the name : Association of Marxist Research , run by non other than Truong Chinh Dang Xuan Khu who was the right hand of Ho Chi Minh.

Ho Chi Minh and his comrades entered Ha Noi on October the 9 th, 1954 to officially declare ½ of VietNam , from 17 th parallel to the border with China, as a Communist country . It was a very closed society in which its citizens were not allowed to get in touch with outside world.

Ho and his comrade in Politbureau have continued the deadly land reform. The land reforms have continued until 1956-1957 before being abolished by Ho and his Politbureau mainly because of protests of all Vietnamese people against this deliberate , barbarians killing like the Middle Ages.

The land reform was, indeed, a massacre of innocent people. Using the contemporary term, we must say it was a genocide trigged by class discrimination.

From 1949 to 1956, following Ha Noi officials, land reform was responsible for the death of more than 172 000 innocents , honest people . But following, Nguyen Minh Can , former Hanoi Government Official, the death number could reach easily 1 million of people.

Nguyen Minh Can, former Ha Noi official.

. Program to improve industry, trade… (Cải tạo công thương nghiệp)

The purpose of this program was to abolish the difference between rich and poor people. Nobody was allowed to become rich. In Communist Society, there is only one class . This is the class of proletariats. The others classes would be destroyed.

The Communist Government would confiscate all the assets of riche people because in a Communist society, no one is allowed to be rich.

Reform of army forces (Rèn cán chỉnh quân)

This reform has began on early 50’s. The purpose of this reform was to get ride off the army all individuals who were not belong to the class of proletariat. It was a class discrimination. A few thousands of members of The People Army were eliminated. We do not have the exact number.

The same things have happen in the The People Army and it was called :’’ Movement of three steps to make perfect the People Army ( phong trào Tam Phản ), similar to a movement by the same name in China .

. Suppression of Humanist Movement among the class of intellectuals, journalists and writers (Đàn áp Phong Trào Nhân Văn Giai Phẩm).

This movement appeared in the late 50’s ( in abbreviation NHAN VAN GIAI PHAM ) was a cultural- political movement in the North of Viet Nam which was under tight control by Ho Chi Minh and his comrades in Vietnamese Communist Party. Free lance journalists, Writers and intellectuals of North-Việt Nam who have dared to demand more democracy, more freedom of speech, more freedom in their writings, creativity and human rights…..would be eliminated. Their activities would be attributed to counterrevolutionary crimes. The government in Ha nội has suppressed severely without mercy this movement by tight control of press and by putting in jail a lot, if not all, freedom seekers who dared to defy and to challenge the Communist Authorities. Their hope for more freedom was over. Hồ Chí Minh and his Communist Party would never untie their control over the whole population living under their control.

. The Uprising in Districk of Quynh Lưu, Prvince of Nghệ An in 1956

Province of Nghệ An, hometown of Ho Chi Minh.

The Districk of Quynh Luu is located in the Province of Nghe An , birth place and hometown of Ho Chi Minh, Founder of Vietnamese Communist Party.

Since July,1954, Ho Chi Minh and his Comrades have been in total control of the North of the Country. In 1955-1956, the Land Reform, starting in 1949, was in full application. The reform has caused a lot of resentment in everywhere . The whole society was turned upside down by the Communist Authorities Communists have caused non-imaginable sufferings to the Vietnamese people.

Being cornered against the wall, the people of Quynh Lưu had no other choice than to standing up, demanding their right to exist. They have surrounded and neutralized all local authorities exercising the minimum demand to live as of human being. Ho Chi Minh and his Polibureau have ordered General Van Tien Dung to bring to Quynh Lưu two (2) full divisions of People

Liberation Army (PLA) to quench off as soon as possible the uprising. The ‘’ so called People Army’’ has deliberately opened fire, without discrimination, on the protesters, killing on spot a good number of them.

There were no official number of casualties in term of human being but according to different sources of information, the number of deaths and wounded people could reach easily over 10 000 .

Uprising in Quỳnh Lưu, Nghệ An in 1956 (source Internet)

2. The invasion of the South of Việt Nam – Republic of Việt Nam - (1959-1975 ): blood & tears caused by deliberate killing of innocent people, destruction massively the infrastructures of Viet Nam Society in the South. Those crimes were committed by Vietnamese Communists of Hô Chi Minh and his comrades.

According to The Geneva Peace Accord signed on 20/7/1954, the country was temporally divided. An election would be organized after 2 years of division. Hồ Chi Minh and his comrades in Communist Party have prepared very carefully for this election. But the election was never happened because of refusal of the Government of the late President Ngô Đình Diệm to honor the Agreements of Geneva Peace Accord signed on 20/7/1954 under the pretext that The Republic of Việt Nam has never signed the Peace Accord of Geneva. So, The Republic of Việt Nam has no obligation to honor this Peace Accord. Hồ and his comrades of the Communist Party have guessed, in advance, this refusal and have prepared to invade the South. Ho and his comrades have prepared to invade the South immediately after the Geneva Accord was just signed. Communists, after Geneva Peace Accord, were given order to stay behind, and go hiding, in the South of Viet Nam, waiting order to start the war in the South. The Commander of Communists in the South was Lê Duẩn. In 1958, Lê Duẩn has submitted to The Polibureau his view about the Communist Revolution (?) in the South. In his Memory: Outline of the Revolution in the South of Việt Nam (Đề Cương Cách Mạng Miền Nam), Lê Duẩn has declared firmely :’’ Using force is the only way to conquer the South of Việt Nam ‘’ The Ho Chi Minh trail which is located along side of The Chain of Mountains Trường Sơn, inside the border of laos-VietNam, was re-opened by Communist Forces, led by Communist General Võ Bẩm. Thereafter, Ho and his comrades in the Vietnamese Communist Party have began to flow soldiers, logistics, communist cadres and weapons in order to prepare for the invasion.

Hồ Chí Minh trail and the flow of Communists Soldiers to the South (reference: Internet)

The invasion of the South was a total war in many fronts: military, political, economics , terrorism, propaganda especially on the international level, destabilization of the life of all people living in the South from the city to the remote countryside ……….. .The Southern Liberation Front, a puppet political organization of Vietnamese Communist, was born on 12/1960 in the jungle under their control. In the same year, Communist Guerrillas have intensified their terrors over the country sides, deliberate killing innocents people. The first military battle ( 26/12/1960 ) was the Batle of Trãng Sụp in Tây Ninh Province, not very far from the Capital Sàigòn. Trãng Sụp was defended by The 32 th Regiment of The 21th Infantry Division.. The war has intensified between the so ‘’called Communist insurgents and Republic of South Viet Nam Army.

From 1959 to the fateful day 30/4/1975, the day The Republic of Việt Nam has ceased to exist, the Communists of Việt Nam have waged a brutal, total war of invasion. After having successfully (?) occupied the whole Republic of Việt Nam , Lê Duẩn - First Secretary of Vietnamese Communist Party – has openly declared : ‘’We have been fighting hard, but not for us. As the matter of fact, it was for Russia, for China‘’ It was therefore a pure proxy war, no more no less, and Vietnamese Communists were the assault soldiers.

During 16 years of this crazy proxy war, Vietnamese Communists have committed numerous crimes against Vietnamese people, such as:

- Deliberate, massive killing of innocent people. All the cadres, even at the very lowest level of the government of The South ( Republic of Viet Nam) were systematically killed .The Communists, between 1967 and 1973, have killed from 45 000 to 80 000 in which only about 20% were government officials , self defense forces, policemen. All vicious tactics were used such as: shelling, mortaring the strategic hamlets, civilians in refugee camps, placing mines on highway. When those mines go off, they will cause extensive slaughter on board of those trucks.

The US Department of Defense estimates that the VC / PAVN (VC = Vietnamese Communists. PAVN= People Army of North Viet Nam) has conducted 36 000 murders, more than 58 000 kidnappings from 1967 to 1973.

Notable Communist atrocities include the massacre of Huế during the Têt Offensive 1968 in which more than 6000 civilians were murdered in cold blood by Vietnamese Communists using the most barbarous methods of killing of the Middle Age such as : buried alive, stabling, killing by using bamboo sticks, …

More than 155 000 civilians were killed by Communist artillery when they have tried to flee the war zones during the Spring Offensive in 1973. A segment no more than 19km, of Highway Number 1, from Quảng Trị toward Huế, was littered with corps of civilians on their way to escape the VC attacks. This segment of Highway No 1 was baptized: ’’Boulevard of Terror and Death’’

Communist suicide agents spread terror, deaths and destructions … everywhere such as:

· Explosion and destruction of hotel Brink

· Explosion of the famous floating restaurant Mỹ Cảnh in Saigon Harper.

· Daily blocking highway, transport routes, laying roadside mines in all traffic axis destroying bridges …..therefore causing insecurity among the civilians which would have negative consequences on the economy of the South .

· Spreading terror and death everywhere by deliberate firing cannons into populous areas such as : school, markets….For example, on 10/3/1974, a primary school in Cai Lậy Districk , Provine of My Tho was bombarded by VC Artillery. The School was completely destroyed and a good number of students got killed and many students sustained severe injuries which would cause death later or became handicapped for the rest of their life.

In summary, the invasion of Republic of Việt Nam by Việtnamese Communists was an unprecedented disaster:

- The whole country was almost destroyed by the war. The bombes used in Republic of Vietnam during those years of fighting (1959 to 1975) were much more than fires used in the World War ÌI

- The invasion of Republic of ViệtNam was a very costly war:

- The whole country, from seventeenth parallel to Cap of Cà Mâu, was destroyed, not a single inch of land of our fatherland was not bombed.

- Millions of civilians , millions of military men were killed in 16 years of fighting.

Việtnamese Communists have never revealed their exact casualties The exact casualties of Republic of Viet Nam Army were published by US Minister of Defense :

- 310 000 deaths and missings

- 1 170 000 wounded

For each soldier, we should count and include 4 or 5 civilians Millions and millions families were broken and millions and millions of children have became orphans suddenly on overnight.

The fight of people in Sought of Vietnam ceased suddenly on 30/431975 with the victory (?) of Vietnamese Bolsheviks. This was, indeed, an arrangement in advance between the superpowers against the willingness of Vietnamese people

3. The killings in the South of Việt Nam perpetrated by Vietnamese Communists right after 30/4/1975.

The fighting in the field was ended but Communists have been kept going to kill people of the Sought in many ways:

- more than a million of former militaries , cadres, officials of Republic of Việt Nam were send to hundred of prisons scattering in the remote jungles around the country. Communists called those prisons Re-education centers. More than 167 000 ‘’trainees (!) ‘’ in those ‘’Re-education centers ‘’ have died by different reasons such as:

- different diseases without any medical cares .

- starvation, hunger, hardship, torture, long solitary confinement, recapture after trying to escape from the prison …………

- one million people in prison are equivalent of one million of broken families, one million families were in extremely misery. The whole society was in trouble and turned upside down.

- ………………………………………

According to The Victimes of Communist Memorial Foundation, nearly 850 000 prisoners have died in different ‘’re-educations camps ‘’- in reality the hardship prisons- erected by Vietnamese Communists.

By imprisoning of million of officials , militaries of The Republic of Viet Nam without legal process, The Communist Party of Việt Nam has violated five (5) of eleven (11) crimes against Humanity which were defined by International Law , Article 7 of The Roma Statute.

Those violations were as followed:

- imprisonment or severe deprivation of physical liberty

- torture, starvation, political indoctrination.

- murder

- enslavement

- enforced disappearance of persons

The health cares of South Việt Nam, before 30/4/1975, were very effective in taking care of a population of more than 20 millions peoples. Obviously, there were some private health care institutions in big city like Saigon but people still, with trust, rely on heaith care system being provided by the Government.

Immediately, upon having occupied Saigon, Communists closed all military hospitals.

Patients, wounded soldiers, even severely wounded, were all pushed out of the hospitals in a very cruel, inhuman way beyond imagination.

The ‘’winners of the war’’ have dismantled all modern, sophisticated machineries in all hospitals of the South, and brought those stolen equipments to the North of Seventeenth Parallel by many columns of convoys of Molotova.

· By their politic of money exchange in less than 24H and by very limited amount allowed, Communist Authorities have robbed until the last cents in the pocket of the ordinary citizen .

· La politic de reform of commerce have pushed everybody to the bottom of poverty. The Communist Government has confiscated everything, all the money. The properties were confiscated and peoples were pushed out of their businesses. They have no other choices except to go to the ‘’ new economic zones ‘’ a form on confinement created by the Government.

· When the Republic of Việt Nam was about to fall to the ‘’hands’’ of the red monsters, Vietnameses, living in the South of the Country, began to escape the imminent Communists invasion by any means, many ways: boats, flights….Those freedom seekers have preferred to risk their life than living with Communism.

More than ½ of million people have drowned into the Pacific Ocean., a real tragedy of Vietnamese people. The escape for freedom have continued until the late 1990. Nowaday, more than 3 millions Vietnameses are living in many democratic countries around the world including USA, Canada, France, Europe, Australia….. They are thriving in those adopted countries.

· The whole Viet Nam has became a huge prison, well controlled by a very large police force. Everything such as moving from one place to another even closed by, freedom of speech , of press……were in very closed control by the Government. 4. Việt Nam, a besieged country.

Việt Nam today is entirely inside the China Orbit on many aspects:

- Economic speaking , Việt Nam is dependant heavily on China. More than 90% imported merchandises came from China. The whole country has been flooded with toxic and poisonous foods and goods. So we are not surprise by the fact that Viê Nam is among the group of country which have a very high rate of Cancer . Toxic foods, toxic materials from China could be found everywhere in the whole country and the Government in Hà Nội has been ignoring or seems to ignore this severe danger into the whole population.

- With regard to international politic, Việt Nam has been an absolute obedient valet of China. Việnamese Communist Leader, before going abroad, has to go to Bejing for instructions and orders even the Chief of Vietnamese Communist Oarty has to follow this rule.

- Military speaking, Việt Nam has been surrounded on all sides:

- on the East side, the Powerful China Navy have become an absolute master. If the conflict happens, China military force closed to Vietnamese seaside could easily attack , divide Viet Nam at the level of Đèo Cả Hill and divide Viet Nam in two separate parts

- on the West side: China Navy control all the navigation of Vietnsmese civil boats and even Vietnamese Navy. If the war between Việtnam and China is about to happen, China Navy, with supports from China Air Force from Hải Nam island, can rapidly cut Vietnam in two halves by attacking the centre of Vietnam at the level of Đèo Cả , near by Huế.

In the East side, China , with its numerous dams along side Mekong River, and Hồng Hà River, can use water as a weapon to attack VietNam. Millions and millions of Chineses are now living in Việt Nam . With a column of of Chinese services men along side the Trương Sơn Mountain , they would be the 5th column which would attack the whole country from its side. Military speaking, Vietnam has been well surrounded by China.

5. Việt Nam would it be a part of China? Are we losing our beloved country?

This danger is real and imminent. Communist China with the collusion, the complicity of Việtnamese Communist Party has been slowly swallowed our beloved Viet Nam:

· In early 90’s different Communist Parties in Eastern Europe, in Russia ….were disintegrated. Communist Regimes everywhere were falling like autumn leaves.

In order to survive, Việtnamese Communist Party did not have other choice than to rely on China which is one Communist country that has survived this ‘’Communist disaster ‘’ . After many negotiations, many talks, Viet Nam and China have reached a deal – the details of the deal have been a top secret until nowadays - and have signed a secret agreement on September, 1990. This secret agreement was named ‘’ Agreement of Cheng Du (Thành Đô ) Thành Đô was the place in which the agreement was signed by the two countries. Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province in China.

Agreement Thanh Đô 1990
Vietnam delegates : Phạm văn đồng ,Adviser, Nguyễn văn Linh( 1st Secretary)
Đỗ Mười (PM of Viet Nam)
Delegates from China: li Peng (PM), Jiang Zemin (1st Secretary)

Both sides have tried to keep secret the Agreement but there are quite a bit of leaking informations. According to those leaking information, Việt Nam would become a part of the Great China, starting on 2020. The proceedings to join China would be progressive and would be lasted for 40 years. So, in 2060, Việt Nam will become officially a province of China. The country named Việt Nam would cease to exist, so does the Vietnamese people.

In summary

With complicity, the treason of the Vietnamese Communist Party, we are facing the danger of losing our beloved country on the hands of ours vicious and extremely ambitious neighbor. Oversea Vietnameses People are the only group of Vietnamese living abroad capable of:

· Preserving our identity

· Preserving and developing our millennium culture, including our language

· Building a Viet Nam as country outside the S-Shape land in South East Asia.

Việt Nam: YESTERDAY: was from 1930 to 1975. Communist Party of Hồ Chí Minh and his comnsades in armes launched a war which they called war for independence. In reality it was a real proxy war by order of International Communisme and Hô Chi Minh and his comrades have executed the order like a bunch of mercenaries . It was an unnecessary and costly war. It was indeed, a genocide, no more no less, in the history of our country.

Việt Nam: TODAY: The conquest of Republic of Việt Nam by the Communists is not finished on 30/4/1975. The Communist Party of Việt Nam keep destroying the country, killing the people of the Sought and looked at them as second citizens. In the other hand, they have tried to abolish the culture, the language of Viet Nam. Once occupied completely by China, the killing would continue like in Tibet, in Xinjiang ( Tân Cương )…….


Alas, TOMORROW will be no more Viet Nam!

Under Communist Regime, Viet Nam has no future. The future of our beloved country is very dark in the perspective to become a part of China. Vietnam will be disappeared on the map of the world. The Việtnameses overseas have been our only hope for survival of our country.

Nguyễn Lương Tuyền (Montreal, CANADA)

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